2018 Keystone Clash

...featuring Clash of the Cichlids VI

September 14th - 16th, 2018

2017 Clash Sponsors

Theses are our Platinum Angelfish, Goldfish and Silver Dollar Sponsors, You can read about all our sponsors on the Sponsors Page

  •  Reef to Rift Platinum Angelfish Sponsor Sponsor
  • Zoo Med Goldfish Sponsor
  • Central Aquatics Goldfish Sponsor
  • Island Discus Goldfish Sponsor
  • ACA Goldfish Sponsor
  • Tyler Termini Photography Goldfish Sponsor
  • Daves Rare Fish Silver Dollar Sponsor
  • Aqualotls Silver Dollar Sponsor
  • Ecological Laboratories/Microbelift Silver Dollar Sponsor
  • Segrest Farms Silver Dollar Sponsor
  • Rod's Food Silver Dollar Sponsor

Since the beginning of man games and contest have been the main source of entertainment. From gladiator battles in the arena, to the Olympics, our desire to celebrate competition and proclaim a champion has been well documented. It's in our blood.

The Keystone Clash was created to:

1. Recognize those expert hobbyist for their achievement in the hobby by giving them an "arena" to display their fish and to have their fish judged by an expert panel of judges who then crown a champion

2. Promote the hobby by creating a public event that hobbyist and non-hobbyist alike can attend and receive information aimed at educating and advancing the hobby.

3. Promote unity and fellowship between clubs and hobbyist

~ Scott McLaughlin
King and Queen Cichlids

King and Queen Cichlids