Keystone Clash Speakers

In 2017, the Keystone Clash brings you a diverse group of speakers to cover a wide range of interesting and exciting topics from all around North America and Europe. We hope you enjoy this installment of the Keystone Clash


Mark Denaro has been keeping freshwater aquariums since 1970 and marine aquariums since 1976. Mark has been keeping planted and biotope aquariums since the mid-70s and was keeping reef aquariums before that term was coined.

Sponsor: Bucks County Aquarium Society


Chris has traveled extensively, collecting, studying, and admiring fishes, plants and reptiles in their natural habitats, as well as attending workshops and conventions.

Sponsor: Capital Cichlid Association


Lawrence Kent is originally from Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey but now lives in Seattle with his wife, three kids, and about 25 tanks, many filled with cichlids he collected in the wild.


In 2009 Andreas, together with his friend Ingo Seidel, started to organize the International L-Number-Days. In 2017, this biannual convention in Germany will take place for the 5th time with participants from more than 15 countries.