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The ACLC Keystone Challenge™

The Aquarium Club of Lancaster County, Inc. posts this challenge – YOU CAN’T BEAT US!

We feel so strongly about this that we are putting our money where our mouths are.

The ACLC is completely funding the prizes for this challenge

The Individual Challenge Champion will receive $150

The Club Challenge Champion will receive $300

 This could be a great way for your club to earn some recognition and some operating funds

How does it work? Here is the point system:

1st Place – 10 points each

2nd Place – 5 points each

3rd Place – 3 points each

Non-placing Show entries – 1 point each

Best of Division – Additional 10 points each

Best Cichlid – Additional 10 points

People’s Choice – Additional 10 points

Best CARES Species – Additional 10 points

Reserve of Show - Additional 15 points

Best of Show - Additional 25 points


All points shall be totaled and the winner declared.

For the Club Challenge Championship, the totals of all club members who have declared that club as their home club will be totaled.